All over the place

I always kinda wanted to do this, but never quite had the guts. Does anyone else think it’s funny that they already know the documentary will be 52 minutes long? And I love that, “Xavier will survive” part. More like, “Xavier hopes to survive.” Too bad this won’t be live and ongoing as he does it. One of my favorite books is still Swiss Family Robinson and that’s probably one of the reasons I like Survivor so much.

Reminds me of my friend Ryan Carpenter, a bit. Ryan’s really cool. I need to put a link up to all his sites cause the adventures he has are amazing. I first met him several years ago on my first Amtrak trip to Atlanta, for my mom’s birthday. He was about to hike the Appalachian Trail at the time and he’s done so much more since then. Check out the latest entry where he posts pics of losing his Mountain Man haircut and beard. Amusing.

On another note, the youngest Hanson brother is a papa. So is, apparently, Clay Aiken. I think it’s a publicity stunt.

And here’s a great idea I think we should all embrace. I’ve been saying we need to do this for YEARS. Actually, what I said was that we need a 3 day work week and a 4 day weekend as well as 2 hour siestas in the middle of the day. Come on folks, get on board. Together, we can change the world. Or rising gas prices will change it for us.

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