Wii Fit – Poor Girl

So hey. Just read this Media Bistro piece about a guy who caught his girlfriend playing with a Wii Fit in a t-shirt and underwear then put it on YouTube without her knowledge. So, he’s the director of Interactive Marketing at an ad agency and she’s supposedly unconnected to the Wii Fit as well. But I find it strange that a marketing director (even a young one) would do something like this without a paycheck. Maybe the Wii Fit will retroactively buy it as a commercial. It’s cute, especially the guy’s face at the beginning and the end. I can tell you now, I’d break up with anybody who put a video of me up on YouTube without my knowledge and permission. I hesitate to even blog about it cause I disapprove of exploiting a girl in her underwear unaware. Oh, but it’s an interesting scenario and needs to be discussed. 🙂


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Filed under funny, musing, pop culture, random rant, weirdness

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