Wanna be judged by strangers?

If you’re dying to have your looks judged by random, anonymous (I assume) strangers via the internet, check out this article on Facestat.com. Let me know how it goes, if you’re brave enough to do it. I haven’t decided how I feel about this. First, I’m just plain curious as to how it works (the judge link is down, perhaps too much traffic). But I’m not too certain we need another outlet for judging each other for purely aesthetic reasons. It’s human nature, though, to make judgments like, “untrustworthy” based on seemingly irrational physical cues or body language, isn’t it? I turned down a potential roommate a while back because his/her mannerisms struck me as creepy. Probably a perfectly decent person, perfectly trustworthy and safe. But we have instincts for a reason, we’ve just been conditioned not to trust them for so long.


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