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A portrait of Tom Lefroy, potentially the love of Jane Austen’s life, one of only two known images of him, was found at an antiques fair. I liked Becoming Jane, which dealt with Austen’s perhaps love affair with Lefroy and it’s the moment I started liking James McAvoy (I’d been on the fence before). I absolutely fell in love with Pride and Prejudice and Lefroy is supposed to have been the basis for (swoon) Darcy himself. Yes, I know, stereotypical, but it is Darcy, for pete’s sake. I love that Colin Firth is so indelibly linked with Darcy that he played the character twice (Pride and Prejudice BBC and Bridget Jones’s Diary).

In other McAvoy news, his movie Wanted looks awesome. And, also via Gawker, there’s a clip of a man going beserk in an office that turns out to be a viral marketing video for Wanted? Eh? It’s a fake and I’d like to think that I would’ve known it was a fake, but… who am I to say? I already knew it was a fake when I saw it. LOL. It’s kinda ingenious, I expect. Someone says, “Hey, did you see that clip of the guy going nuts in his office?” (or links to it on a blog…) and then everyone goes to look and sees, WHAM, a big ad for Wanted on the right of the video clip. Also, I think McAvoy’s character is an office worker before he discovers he’s a super duper assassin man. I don’t care if their advertising is slick and sick, I still want to see this movie.

Also, via Gawker (they have some good stuff up today), Britney Spears has chosen her burial plot. Oh Gawker, you sick funny deviants:

“We like to imagine that the service, before she is entombed in Hollywood Forever, will consist of mournful piano renditions of her hit songs like “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” and “Lucky,” while her two sons, wearing sailor costumes, slowly waltz.”

No calls or visits tonight, friends, SYTYCD is on. You know what this means. Or you should, by now, if you love me at all.


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