Pears soap

So I think I’m a curse to not only t.v. shows (which get canceled when I like them), but also products of the looking-good-taking-care variety. Those of you who know me probably remember the very good example of Vintage Vanilla, which used to be my scent before Gap went and decided it was going to be evil and stop making it and I could no longer find it on Ebay. Big breath.

Well, apparently Pears Soap, which I got into because I bought it at Walgreen’s once is no longer carried by any Walgreen’s in the known universe AND is only made at ONE FREAKING FACTORY in India. If anything happens to that one freaking factory in India, no more Pears soap. And I have to wait till I have money again to buy an entire case of the stuff (no joke) before I can get anymore. But at least I can get some more, which is not the case with Vintage Vanilla.

When I am a rich and famous writer (a la JK Rowling), I will use my powers not for good or evil, but to coerce Gap and that one freaking factory in India to make Vintage Vanilla and Pears just for me. And maybe the people I like. Maybe.



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2 responses to “Pears soap

  1. Sleepydumpling

    Pear’s soap is as common as mud in Australia. It’s in every single supermarket and pharmacy, and it’s like one of those staples that will never die. Maybe your Pear’s soap is made in one factory in India, but someone is knocking up huge batches of the stuff for us!

  2. Emilie

    Nope, it’s that one factory, for everybody, I think. I think it’s the distributor’s fault on our end.

    I’ll have to remember that when I make my big plans to come to Australia, to bring a big empty suitcase for Pear’s. I’m very jealous. 🙂

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