Australians don’t believe me (but they are lucky)

So I’m a smart ass. A lovely Australian commenter disbelieved my assertion that Pears Soap is only made by one factory because it’s “as common as mud” in Australia (yet another reason why I need to go there, apparently). So, here you go, ye doubters, from Wikipedia: “According to Pears Inc. USA, there is now only one manufacturing facility worldwide for Pears Soap and that is in India. The Indian producer now owns all rights to the soap, its formula, packaging, etc. Bars of soap produced in the factory come in two sizes: 75g and 125g.” I think the problem is US distributors. Walgreen’s, according to a manager I talked to (yes, I do this), said that they weren’t carrying Pears anymore. A good friend is a Walgreen’s manager, so he’s checking their computer and the availability. But if anyone else knows of any other distributors that carry Pears in the US, please please tell me. The stuff is great (Pears, you should send me boxes because I’m basically giving you lots of free advertisement).

Also, right after I posted the last bit about commercials and anniversaries, etc., an enormous ad popped up for Sonic, all by itself. I do not lie (see above) or exaggerate (much).

The really good news is that I’ll never have to worry about being unable to find Pears *anywhere* because Australians aren’t going to let that happen. Smart people. LOL. Thank you, sleepydumpling.

UPDATE: I found their official website and asked them where to buy it in the South. 🙂



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2 responses to “Australians don’t believe me (but they are lucky)

  1. Sleepydumpling

    Can you get Pears shampoo and conditioner over there too? Or does it only come in soap form? We even have Pears body wash and liquid hand soap. I’m tellin’ ya, Pear’s is everywhere here. It’s a staple like Palmolive or Dove.

    Must be a big factory in India if it’s supplying us!

  2. Emilie

    Sorry it took me so long to write back!! We do get the body wash, I’ve seen. I think we get the shampoo/conditioner, I just didn’t buy it. I think it’s all a matter of who distributes it. I’m running down some leads, including a friend’s mom maybe going to a grocery store in Memphis on my behalf. LOL. Oh Pears, what you’ve brought me to! I’ll definitely have to come visit Australia soon. I’m sure you’ll never look at Pears the same way again, knowing some nutter in the States is longing for it so wildly.

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