I am more myself than ever before

Despite the lack of money involved, this un(self)employed thing is turning out to be pretty good for me. I’m learning a lot and I’m figuring out how to be more in my head again, like I used to be. Rarely am I doing anything these days when I’m not thinking of TCB in my head, front or back. Sometimes both, I suppose.

I fuss with iTunes a lot when I’m “supposed to be writing.” Cause I’m nuts about music and what I want to do with my iTunes library is more clearcut than what I want to do (and feel capable of doing) with my book most times.

Then, just now, I had an epiphany. A true smack-me-now epiphany about TCB. And guess what? Oh hell-no-but-yes, I’m changing the point of view. Yes, really. Oh dear gawd. It kinda occurred to me in a corner-of-my-eye sort of way while I was playing with music. Kinda like when you’re driving and you think you see something, then you turn up the radio and try to convince yourself that what you saw was a heat mirage or something. And then the thought, too good to remain un-thought for long, was thought again, more forefront this time. And I think it was the puzzle piece I was missing (or one of them). But click, it’s going to mess everything all up and then fix it all over again. I got so excited and mad, I jumped up and ran out of Cheers, Jamey shaking her head at me and knowing exactly where I’m at. I swear, especially today, the two of us are the anchors of this place. She’s on one side and I’m on the other and together, we hold it down.

So here’s the thing. My novel has three sections with a set number of chapters in each section and within each chapter, three parts. It’s three threads, all different chronologically, and these will change within each section, but there will always be three alternating threads in each chapter. Essentially, I got the idea to change the p.o.v. for one of the repeating threads (the third, specifically following a character named Thomas) from the sort of general third limited I’d been using throughout. And then, in a willful bit of unconsciousness, I automatically jumped to the conclusion that the p.o.v. for the two other threads would have to adjust slightly. The kicker is that they’re already almost exactly what they need to be to function appropriately with the change I’ve just realized. I’d always sort of imagined Thread #1 to be third limited p.o.v. and Thread #2 to be much more omniscient. Anybody wanna guess what Thread #3 has now become in this revolution?

The cutest puppy is outside.

But oh yes, that is off topic. It’s a puppy, though. Which is always on-topic for me, apparently.

So I have some part-time work coming up that I’m excited about. It will involve me being in Baton Rouge one or two days a week, exciting. That happened yesterday while I was visiting folks up north-ish in the good ol BR.

Saw Wanted and it was just as delish as I’d hoped. *This* is the “old-fashioned” goodness of summer blockbusters, back at last, at least in this movie (though the summer does look kinda promising). Used to be I saw at least one movie every week and this is probably only the third or fourth I’ve seen this year. Since moving to Nola where the theaters are “better” and I’ve been working in the industry, somehow I’ve gotten out of my sweet old habit. Wanted addicted me all over again and now I’m excited to see WALL-E and Get Smart. Angelina Jolie is her best bad-ass self in this, yes, and James McAvoy spends 90% of the movie incredibly ugly in a good way (as in, yay, a good actor doing his thing). The story is predictable in the I-feel-smart way rather than the this-plot-is-incredibly thin way. And fun. Did I mention fun?? Some really incredible stunts and great driving (I love me some great movie driving) and it’s a movie that has a tone, builds the texture of its world and keeps to it. Gives me hope for the inevitable sequels.

I actually made a schedule for myself and did alright keeping to it. Was more productive than I would have otherwise been.

But before I sign off and get back to being productive, let’s just talk about dreams for an instant. Recently I’ve had two incredibly detailed dreams that feature celebrities I really like (the first, Natalie Portman and the second, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long). The first also deals specifically with my career and the second very prominently about my love life. A few days after I had the first dream, involving Natalie Portman (who wanted to option TCB for herself to play the lead), I told my sister about it. She told me, “I had a dream recently that I visited you on the set of a movie you’d written.” I woke up thinking, “Yeah, Natalie Portman would make a good Zolly. WEIRD, but obviously the Universe speaking to me and telling me to write. Signal received, Universe. Loud and clear. In the second dream, I was retained as Drew Barrymore’s stand-in (I’ve been told I look a bit like her my whole life) and in my dream, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long broke up. So today, I found out that they really did! Hmmm. Universe – this message is not quite so clear. Unless you’re trying to convince me that my dreams come true, therefore my Dreams (a la First Dream) will come true. Okay, I’m satisfied with that interpretation. Just send me another Eerie Dream if that’s not the right one.

Back to productivity land. I’ve got LOTS of rewriting to do. Again.


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