SYTYCD: Jessica

I meant to say something about this yesterday when I found out. Jessica, my least favorite dancer on SYTYCD was safe last week and Comfort went home. I feel kinda bad cause I got kinda vicious in my dislike for Jessica since I really did feel she was the weakest dancer. She handled the criticism sweetly, but NEVER stepped up (she had 2 good performances, but they still aren’t my favorites) the way she should have to stay on the show. Honestly, I felt like because her dance partner was Will, they gave her chances she didn’t deserve. I seriously believe that she didn’t get kicked off my the judges last week simply because she and Will had a routine that the judges RAVED about and they probably wanted to see that in the Top 10 tour, so they had to keep Jessica. That’s the only reason I think they kept her because she was in the bottom 3 as much as Comfort, I’m sure. And had worse performances.

Well…now that they’re (in 9 minutes) about to split up all the dance partners and mix things up, Jessica has now taken herself out of the competition, claiming an injury that the producers only just found out about (all the way since the disco routine, apparently). Comfort’s back. I’m going to accept this with good grace and just be relieved that she’s off the show and Comfort’s been given another chance.

I’m off to enjoy now.


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