Two cities, Bob Dylan, webcomics and proper grammar

A tale of two cities and one girl. Very excited about the opportunity to do some work for my friend and mentor and to visit with friends in BR. But it’s taking some getting used to, this shuttling between cities. If only I were ready to move back to BR, eh? Maybe someday…

My neighbors and I had a porch sale on Sunday and made a bit of extra cash. It’s nice, having a group of close-knit neighbors, hanging out and looking out for each other. I’m thinking this is something I generally don’t ever want to live without again. Papa bear’s in town for business, so we had a fun adventure where I wanted to yell at an airport cop a little high on false authority AND THEN almost hit a bicyclist who wasn’t obeying traffic laws OR looking as she zipped in front of us in the dead of night. That was pretty scary. We were both pretty shaken and tired after that.

I watched “I’m Not There” with my roommie the other day and was so blown away and confused (let’s be honest here) that I watched a good half of it again with the commentary on. FASCINATING. Then I read the Wikipedia article on Bob Dylan and downloaded a bunch of his music (I’d already had a lot, but I got some great covers, etc). I’m an enormous Heath Ledger fan (have been for over a decade) and was really upset about his death earlier this year. Yet, he’s such a wonderful actor, I mostly forgot about being sad he was gone while I was watching him. I wasn’t thinking, “I’m watching Heath Ledger, who’s no longer with us,” I was just soooo embroiled in his character and the story. Gives me hope for “The Dark Knight,” which I’ve been kind of wary of watching.

Speaking of movies, I’m excited to see “Mamma Mia!” but very, very sad that my own mamma mia and I won’t be in the same city so we can see it together.

So here’s something REALLY cool. My good friend Anna (Nana) has started a blog/webcomic called The New PolyAnna. I’m thrilled with the comic. It’s uncanny how much the artwork reminds me of the “real” A and W. I begged permission to link to it here. I hope everybody checks it out and enjoys, especially as she adds more strips (HINT, HINT, Anna).

And via After the MFA, here’s a great website devoted to not so much promoting proper grammar (though that too, probably) as mocking those instances of wretchedly improper English grammar, English Fail blog.



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2 responses to “Two cities, Bob Dylan, webcomics and proper grammar

  1. Sweet Heart of the Song Tra Bong

    oh emilie. thank you. i have a new strip. will go up in the next day or so! w and i have made a date to write our blogs together weekly. we’ve become very domestic in so many wonderfully, ridiculous ways. and you should totally go see dark knight if you haven’t already because it is absolutely awesome.


  2. Emilie

    A, my darling,

    You SAW me at the midnight showing of Dark Knight in BR. Silly pants! I’m sooo excited about your new strip and I think that kind of domesticity is incredible. The family that blogs together sticks together!


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