Libba Bray and SYTYCD

So Toni made me read Libba Bray’s July 15th blog entry and it was so PERFECT!! All of you writers out there, need to read this immediately. She makes a hysterical analogy between writing a book and a relationship. I like her Y/A books and I’m a big fan of her blog as of today.

Also, I thought I could just be content that Jessica was out of the competition on SYTYCD and leave it at that. But I was sooo grossed out with her explanation performance (it was a performance and a pretty obvious one at that). All I have to say is this is VERY GOOD timing on her part. She gets to sit like a pretty martyr in the audience instead of working her ass off and she STILL gets to go on the Top 10 Tour. All along, I thought she was the weakest dancer and wanted her off the show, but I still thought that she was probably a sweet girl who handled the criticism well. Now I think she’s just grossly, sickly sweet and is waaaay too conniving. Whether or not she’s injured, however it was decided to go with this arrangement, Jessica is a very, very lucky girl. Let’s hope she continues to be lucky because I think she’s too afraid to let her talent speak for her and THAT, regardless of her dance ability, will always keep her from being a great dancer. She has to stop being afraid of being successful on the strength of her ability and she has to learn to step up. When someone cares about you and your talent enough to criticize you in a constructive way, GET BETTER, use the criticism.

I’m going to miss the results show tonight. Which is just as well, probably, because at this point, I like everybody on the show and I’m gonna be sad no matter what.


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