Maybe what I said is a bit of a lie

So I told Zak Nelson I thought I’d shaken all of the “glamour stars” out of my eyes, but maybe that’s not entirely true. Why? Because I love that a good friend of mine is the writer of a series of books that people are RABID over and I spent last night reading 150+ pages of the rough rough draft. And that my mamma mia! came *this* close to bribing me to see it (come on ma, professional integrity!). She did beg, but maintained enough dignity not to bribe. Yeah so, I’m still glamour-eyed a bit. And you know what? I hope that never changes. I want to always have some excited fangirl in me. Because if the things that you love become your life/job and then no longer excite you, you’ve seriously lost something. Maybe it’d be better to be like Anthony Trollope, always a British postal worker, writing in the mornings before work and never as famous as his mama (in HIS lifetime). Going postal never looked so appealing.

I submitted some rocking 6-word memoirs to Smith, so go check them out. Eh, they’re kinda personal since they are memoirs, even if they are rather short. But I have to get used to being just a bit emotionally naked for when TCB is delivered unto the defenseless world.

My SYTYCD predictions for tonight? I think Comfort and Mark are going home. We’ll see. I’m still stunned by Kherington last week, so what do I know?


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