So here’s a question for ya…

So you’re a writer and you walk into B&N/Borders/other BIG CHAIN STORE (you’ll see why in a sec) or even a really well-stocked indie store and you see…books. *Everywhere* there are books. And you’re plugging away on your book, certain that you can get it published (or maybe just hopeful) and you see *all these books*. How do you feel? If you’re overwhelmed, how do you counsel yourself? If you’re excited, how do you pace yourself?

If you’re a reader/reviewer, how do a find *one book*, one special book, in *all those books*?

I’m asking cause I got to thinking while looking through my 1,500+ friends on MySpace, most of whom are writers and I got tingly and overwhelmed looking at all those gorgeous glossy photos, all of those books. How do we stand out? How do we get that book into a reader’s hands?

Wanna hear the good, the bad and the ugly here. What do you think?



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4 responses to “So here’s a question for ya…

  1. Chick Lit Gurrl

    First, stay true to yourself. The minute you start writing to solely please others, stories will fall flat. If you write a strong story that matters to you and is fresh, somewhere, some way, someone will show interest in it.

    When I walk into a bookstore, I’m automatically pumped, which is why I always take my laptop or a pen and pad. I KNOW that I will be writing because being around all those words inspires me to do so, 🙂

  2. Emilie

    Hey Gurrlie,

    I’ve been meaning to say that I loved your comment. You know, you reminded me of something SO essential. Walking into a bookstore, or anywhere that there’s books, IS inspiring, and exciting and incredible.

    Overwhelming at times, yes. But how can I forget the way that I felt (and FEEL!) when I discover a new book I’ll love or I finally get my hands on one I’ve been waiting for?

    That said, I’m using Breaking Dawn as my “treat” (i.e. cupcake) for writing my 2,000 words. Today and everyday.

    Thank you for the reminder.

  3. Laura

    I feel squeezed inside like someone has cinched my lower intestine in half with a rope. Then I get dizzy and have to leave.

    Hey, I live in Nola. (“Laura”of 3 Ps here). I’m trying to put together a writers group. If you are burned out on the group writing dynamic I understand. But we have other options. Like drinking or pool crashing.

  4. Emilie

    Hi Laura,

    Just saw your comment (and emailed you). I love your description of being cinched and dizzy cause that’s how I feel sometimes too. Sometimes, it gets so overwhelming that you forget how much you love books and writing and that you opted in to this life. (Well, there isn’t always a choice for all of us, sometimes we just have to write or we also feel like our lower intestines are being cinched). Hope you’re doing NaNoWriMo this month, or writing well. Thanks for the comment.

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