Greedy…me and Hasbro

I’m very greedy with books. Even while I’m trying to par down my personal collection to books I’ve actually read (yes, a good 90% of the books I own, I’ve never read), I’m adding to my library card collection. THREE cards to libraries in three cities and two states. The day I got my BR library card after a year without one…manna, my friends. What a dork, I am. [It’s a funny story how I lost my BR library privileges last year, pure conjecture and no proof…] Getting my Nola library card made me feel like I truly lived there for the first time. But they have a 20 item limit, which is a crime for a researcher. When I asked about ways to get around that, they looked at me and actually asked, “Why would you need more books than that?” BECAUSE I’M BOOK GREEDY! Because I like to read like 10 things at once, especially when I’m researching. And you couldn’t trust your books to a more devoted person. The EBR librarians at my old (and now current again) branch *get me*. “Glad to see you’re carrying to your patron weight,” they say when I come in to check out books. And pulling my stack of 4 books from the hold section, one of the ladies went back because, “That doesn’t seem right, seems like there should be more…” And yes, before you ask, I carry all three of my library cards in my wallet at all times. Just in case.

I saw an item about Hasbro suing the creators of Scrabulous and put a note on Facebook asking why Hasbro didn’t just buy Scrabulous. I mean, clearly Scrabulous infringes on Scrabble and Hasbro’s online rights. Clearly. But it’s so popular, it only makes sense to keep it going. And then, a good friend linked to an article that answered my question and shamed me deeply. Why the shame? I worked for an intellectual property law firm for six months and I *know* why Hasbro doesn’t just buy Scrabulous. I just wasn’t thinking. But you know, it just goes to show I was never suited for intellectual property litigation (or support thereof). [And you just thought my “not working at law firms” comment was random bitterness! No sirs and ladies, I assure you, it is not random at all.]

For the record, running through water fountains with a bunch of kids while wearing a dress and watching a free public screening of Big Fish is a *lot* of fun. Just why I come to BR to party.


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