We can’t quit him

This article from the Tribeca Film Festival website says it right about Heath Ledger. “We’re still staring greedily at Heath Ledger, asking in vain for more. With Ennis Del Mar, the young actor delivered a performance so stunning and true that we’ll never be able to quit him.”

I agree that Ledger’s more than a “promising” actor because he fulfilled his promise in several films that will be his legacy. But I disagree that even had he lived, Ennis Del Mar would have been his most memorable role/performance. I think it would have been one, one of the top memorable performances. But who know what more he would have done had he lived. Dark Knight demonstrates that. I can’t say which is a better performance, Ennis Del Mar or the Joker. BUT, I think Ledger’s turn as the Joker definitely proved he had MANY more astounding roles in him.

But it’s nice to be reminded of all the wonderful performances we are left with and to know that while they may not be all we want, we’re so lucky to have them.


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  1. Mary

    Yeah THE DARK KNIGHT was worth it to see Ledger’s performance alone. I was amazed. He was *better* than Jack Nicholson. And that truly is saying something…

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