Fess Up Friday

I got this from Jamey, who talks about where she got it here, but it’s Fess Up Friday:

Today (the beginning of PerNoWriMo): 909 words on a new scene and 1,169 finishing and editing and old one. Total = 2,078. I made my goal word count.


Jamey horrified me with this article about one writer’s 2nd book dealings with Atria. It’s a writer horror story, so if you’ve a weak stomach or are prone to nightmares, stay away.

Breaking Dawn comes out tonight. Yay.



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5 responses to “Fess Up Friday

  1. Sweet Heart of the Song Tra Bong

    what is PerNoWriMo?

  2. Emilie

    You know how NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month?

    Per Susie Q’s suggestion, I’m taking August as my Personal Novel Writing Month (PerNoWriMo), trying to write 50,000 words in on my book in one month.

    I made my quota yesterday (2,000 words). Let’s see if I can do it again…

  3. Mary

    That article is horrifying. Reasons not to accept a two-book deal. Ever. Wow.

  4. Emilie

    I know they can be a good thing, but they seem to be best avoided in general. I’ve been hearing stories of folks contracted for dozens of unwritten books, years out… Some people work best that way. That would *terrify* me.

  5. Mary

    I never have writer’s block, ever, ok wait I had it once, but that was the 6 months of separation from my ex-husband leading into our divorce. Other than that *knock on wood* never. But still I will be VERY wary of contracts!

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