An open letter to McDonald’s and other stuff…

Dear McDonald’s Corp.,

Please stop putting crack in your iced vanilla coffee. I can’t resist it. It affecting my wallet and, I’m sure, my hips. It’s the ONLY thing that could get me to go to McDonald’s after watching Supersize Me and I’m ashamed of my addiction, especially of being seen in your drive-through line. Thank you for giving me something in common with my grandma, who also loves your iced coffee, but really, please just stop making it so goooooood so I can give it up.

Pleadingly yours (NOT YOURS! NOOO!),

Check out this funny book trailer for Samara O’Shea’s Note to Self.

I luuuuuuuurrrrrrrve Jamey for putting this animated bit of hilariousness on her blog and making sure I saw it.

Bleeding And TypingAmazing videos are here

I’m doing pretty well with PerNoWriMo, thanks for asking and keeping me honest, y’all. I’ll fess up in a few days…



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4 responses to “An open letter to McDonald’s and other stuff…

  1. Mary

    There has been a definite decline in the number of BLOG entries, so let’s hope you’re spending that time on your book missie! 😉

    About that iced coffee… yeah… if I lived closer, there’d be an intervention in the works.

  2. Emilie

    Can you please come to Nola and intervene? I don’t know what I want more, to visit with you or help in quitting this coffee goodness/madness.

    I’m spending ALL my time on the book, it feels like. In a good way. I’m in BR three times a week for work, coming straight home to write till about midnight or so and writing like mad the other 4 days a week. I know I should be going out more, living more of a life, but other than that, I’m happy.

    It feels so good to remember that when I’m writing, I’m happy. How had I forgotten that?

  3. Mary


    Glad to hear it!!!

  4. Sweet Heart of the Song Tra Bong

    i laugh hard.

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