Cone of probability

Whenever I watch the news these days, I feel like I’ve been drinking even when I haven’t.

Yesterday, just about every person I know called me and begged me to leave Nola (when they weren’t asking me to go check that they’d closed their windows). No matter how much I wanted to stay, I couldn’t keep putting everybody through that much stress, I couldn’t keep withstanding those phone calls up until the point when nobody could reach me anymore and would worry all the more. My roommate and I had already started packing and getting the house ready when Toni called and said, “Just calling to find out when you’ll get here, cause I KNOW you’re leaving, just probably packing right now.” How’s that for subtle? We were right ahead of the worst of the traffic getting to BR, the worst of it being on Airline near the airport and just after we merged onto the 10. After that, it was at least 60-65 into BR, a relatively normal trip. [Normal, especially when compared with Friday’s “normal” commute into work when I got caught in the middle of a massive prisoner evacuation and passed countless government vehicles going toward Nola.]

So I’m here, I’m as safe as anybody else and now I’m stressing about those left behind, who refuse to leave. W, K and S, you are in my thoughts and you BETTER be safe.

And from today’s horoscope ( “Sunday, Aug 31st, 2008 — If you have been thinking about taking a vacation or just going away for a weekend getaway, today is a great day to make your plans.”

Everybody, be safe.


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