I’m home.

Nola made it through, better than BR actually. It figures the storm would follow me. My host’s power went back on an hour after I left, too, after being off more than four days. Self-centered much? Hey, I’m not the only superstitious one. My host joked, “You should’ve left earlier.”

I have to avoid the thinking that a lot of us can fall into if we’re not careful. “It missed New Orleans, it wasn’t that bad. I shouldn’t have left.” As glad as I am to be home, as often as I find myself thinking that, it wasn’t as bad BECAUSE WE LEFT. We heeded the evacuation and got out and we didn’t lose lives like we did before.

All I needed to hear was, “Your power’s on, Cheers is open and so are some of the restaurants on your street.” I barely stayed long enough at my hosts’ to be polite, I was so eager to get home after hearing that. Luckily, they understood. And they got their power back. ;”)

Home feels so good. It reminds me with every sight, sound and smell that it IS home.


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