First Post of September and a Fess Up Friday Confession

After waxing lyrical about being home, I promptly hopped on the highway and drove overnight to Georgia. Yes, really. Sigh. Really. It’s good to be here, I guess, though I’m sad not to be there. I had a great couple of hours back home, checking out Cheers and having dinner at my favorite place with a cute puppy and his owner too. And on the way here, I finished the audio of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” If I thought I was a fan of Sissy Spacek before, that’s nothing compared to how in love with her voice I am now. BIG fan of Harper Lee, too. Near the end of the story, this line caught me, “His heavy boots punished the porch.” Did you know that all of Alabama’s rest stops have to be staffed 24 hours a day? Even at something like almost 2 a.m. when you’re stopping to charge your cell phone.

Getting into Georgia, it was about 4 a.m. local time and I couldn’t sleep!!! I couldn’t get my muscles to stop twitching (Damn coffee. Open Letter to McDonald’s #2: THANK YOU for letting me charge my cell phone in your office, exit #13 McDonald’s. You’re still evil for the vanilla iced coffee, but you help a girl out, too.) and couldn’t shut off my brain. So I ended up checking my email and catching up with a few things while Mamma Mia! was waking up for work.

I have a local Cheers in Georgia too, a cool place called Cocoa Bean Cafe that has the smooth operation of a chain and all the local friendliness you could want. Great drinks, too. TONS of options. And now, apparently, homemade cakes.

Here’s my horoscope today. Erlack, as Louise Rennison’s most famous character would say (why do I still read those books? Because she smears the pages with crack, taking a page from McDonald’s book). “Friday, Sep 5th, 2008 — You may lack direction about how best to handle this next phase of your life. Everything at work may have already started to change, yet you aren’t prepared to push the shift any faster than it is already going. A well balanced approach will work best for you today as long as you don’t let your attachment to material things get in the way.” (

Holy fangs! The rough draft of Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun was leaked on the internet. Why am I so surprised? You know what I am incredibly impressed by? Her reaction on her website. She wrote a letter to her fans saying how she felt about the leak and then POSTED THE DRAFT herself. She continually impresses me. Who gives a flip what her teeny bopper fans thought of the recent book? I was AGAPE at how she managed that one. Somehow, she gave me BOTH things I wanted at once, though I thought they were opposing AND she did it in no way I could have foreseen. And you know what? I am so freaking excited about the movie. I watched all of the teaser trailers again today. I don’t do that folks. I don’t watch trailers over and over and over again. But I’m excited about this movie.

Another book-to-movie I’m excited about is a bit more immediate gratification-y. Samurai Girl, based on the series, on The Family Channel tonight. Oh yeah, I’m gonna catch me some Family Channel on a Friday night with Mamma Mia! Yeah, I just admitted that in public (ish) forum.

Here’s some super coolness about The Times-Picayune during Gustav.

Let’s talk PerNoWriMo for Fess Up Friday. I made about 1/5 of my projected goal word count at a grand total (ish) of 9,936 words. But, in keeping with the spirit of its parent NaNoWriMo, my PerNoWriMo is not a failure. Here’s why:

1) That’s 9,936 words I didn’t have before.
2) I made a lot of other, less quantifiable, progress on the book.
3) That’s a lot of words when you consider the distraction of NYC and a hurricane. Let’s do the math, if you count NYC and Gustav, I was out of commission for pretty much 2 weeks this month, so the 9,936 words is really a 2 week total. Yeah yeah, I could’ve written during Gustav and I’m splitting hairs, but…
4) I’M DOING PERNOWRIMO AGAIN THIS MONTH. So keep it coming with the support and goading, guilting and cheering. Let’s see how I can do this month with a 4-day handicap.

A lightning frenzy of links for you (all via my inbox via GalleyCat):

Great idea from Cory Doctorow.

Duh. But you know what? The short story, like everything, needs a little adversity to thrive. So it doesn’t get complacent. Ask the poets.

A home for Jewel of Medina.

My now-favorite bartender/literati.

Let’s keep the tradition of writing horror stories on Friday going with this.

It’s a good book, one of the best I’ve ever read. But I just really love the title of the piece: “Hey, Diaz! Save Some Awards for the Rest of Us!” So true.

And here’s some fun words of the day, don’t let ’em go to your head: pleonexia, nadir, peccant, prorogue, comestible, dissert and bevy.

[Oh and yeah, this is the SECOND post of September. It’s not like I’ve had a ton of sleep, folks.]



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2 responses to “First Post of September and a Fess Up Friday Confession

  1. Sweet Heart of the Song Tra Bong

    you have entirely too many ellipses in the title of your blog. what’s pernowrimo?

  2. Emilie

    The reason for the ellipses is that I wanted the title to be prettier than it would’ve been without them. I think it was all of it on one line and the word One by itself on the bottom line. I couldn’t figure out how to format the title to look how I wanted it to without the ellipses. I’m still not 100% happy with it, so if you have suggestions…

    PerNoWriMo is my name for Personal Novel Writing Month, a version of National Novel Writing Month that I do for myself any old month (as suggested by a friend).

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