Late Fess Up Friday

9/16: 1,092

That’s it. Slightly less depressing than nothing, but nothing to brag on. I’m getting closer to what I want and making some solid realizations. One of which is that I don’t think I’m letting anybody read the book anymore until I finish a draft that I’m happy with. This is so opposite to how I usually work – I thrive on feedback. But, I’m figuring out that with TCB, there are too many cooks in the kitchen and I’m kicking them all out till I finish my masterpiece feast. Just wait till you get to taste it – it’ll be worth it then. Promise.

So my friend Nick Fox, a writer, doesn’t have a website or a blog or anything. He’s amazingly low-tech, with only an email newsletter (in which he often argues with Ernest Hemingway and others) sent out to family, friends and folks he meets on his travels. With his permission, I’m quoting from his most recent (a return to New Orleans on The City of New Orleans):

“There’s something to be said for inefficiency, I think. If I’d flown to New Orleans, I would have been here in a couple of hours. But that’s like entering a time machine. You go through elaborate security measures, you find a neatly ordered seat inside a round capsule, there’s some noise and bumping and a couple hours later, there you are, on the other side of the country. It’s time travel. And it’s not very interesting.

On the train, you wait. You watch the scenery go by. There is the sense of an actual journey to a destination. You do not click your heels three times and say, “There’s no place like Basin Street. There’s no place like Basin Street.” You wait. And if you have to wait three hours at a standstill because of trouble with the line, that’s just part of the deal. And if the rails are flooded around New Orleans due to Hurricane Ike and they have to bring busses up to Mississippi to pick up the passengers and take them the last hundred miles in the rain, then that’s just the way it goes. It’s a journey. And you enjoy this journey.”

I’m passing along a link about Gustav with a picture of Anna West (one of the infamous Baton Rouge Annas) and here’s a link to an interview Nick did with C.J. Hribal (in lieu of a link to an actual, you know, website). Welcome home, mister.

A friend, James B. (one of the roommate candidates) forwarded me a bit of hilariousness regarding Brocabulary. Here’s some funny ones (the source of the forward):

brostalgia – Nostalgia for something you did with your bro or bros. ‘Oh, man, all this talk about keg stands is making me brostalgic.’
duedonym – A name that only your dudes call you. ‘I used to play football with this guy, Kevin. But everyone knew him by his duedonym, ‘One Ball Rosenthal.”
fellodramaMelodrama between fellows. ‘Brody peaced at Stephanie Pratt’s bday to avoid any fellodrama with Spencer.’

friendjamins – Hundred dollar bills, lent to a friend. ‘It’s all about the friendjamins, baby.’
guyamese twins – Two guys who are pretty much inseparable. ‘Can you believe Brad Pitt and George Clooney are doing another movie together? Those dudes are like total guyamese twins.’

And The Magnetic Fields are coming to Atlanta next month, on the 17th. Anyone want to go to the show with me? I can’t miss it, haven’t seen them live yet and they’re pretty much my favorite band. Or one of them.

A friend of a friend of mine rescued an adorable puppy in Baton Rouge. I want to adopt it so badly but can’t, so I’m making it a mission to help find it a home. If anybody relatively close to BR wants this puppy, let me know.

[Thanks to my friend M. and his friend M., the puppy has found a home. Thanks to K. who originally rescued her in BR and to C. for connecting K. and me.]

[M. has informed me that his friend M.’s friends (the new family) have named the puppy Kia. Now there’s a name for “the puppy.” Yay!]


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