I forgot to watch t.v. and a belated Fess Up Friday

I’m a t.v.-holic and I’ve been forgetting for weeks now that most t.v. shows have returned from hiatus. Honestly, I’m having fun not watching t.v., not being chained to the boob tube. There’s lots of shows I want to be watching, I don’t think we’ve necessary lost quality. But I don’t want to be told where to be and when any more than I have to be. Don’t have Tivo, so that means I’m going to watch t.v. shows like Bones, which I don’t want to get behind on (my favorite show), online. The studios need to get with it and start counting downloads rather than cancelling quality shows based on out-dated and inaccurate Nielson ratings. We’re still getting our dose of advertising, so what’s the difference? Did catch most of Survivor this Thursday, after forgetting it was premiering till an ex-coworker and always friend reminded me. I’m way behind on House. And I missed How I Met Your Mother, but I’ll rectify that shortly. How does anybody have the luxury of being bored anymore?

From somebody or other, here’s a hilarious video of the mock Sarah Palin Disney movie Head of Skate. Oh watch it and laugh, for ye will.

And my Fess Up Friday reckoning:

9/20 – 1,646 words (finishing 5/I and working on 5/II)
9/24 – 607 words (probably continuing work on 5/II)
9/26 – 1,303 words (finishing 5/II and working on 5/III)

Still lame, but getting better all the time. Let’s see if I can get into better habits and pick up the pace in October before NaNoWriMo kicks off November 1st. That means, I need to write today.


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