Nibbled to death by ducks

Via my emailed Publisher’s Lunch from a few days ago, I find that Scotland Yard has foiled a terrorist attempt on the life of The Jewel of Medina’s UK publisher. Here’s the link PL sent. The next day (yesterday), PL included this snipet:

Managing director of Compass (the sales company for the UK’s Gibson Square) Alan Jessop tells the Bookseller that Martin Rynja “has put publication [of THE JEWEL OF MEDINA] in suspended animation while he reflects and takes advice on what the best foot forward is.” The book was supposed to be published in the UK on October 15. Jessop added, “Everyone is going to have to be patient. This requires some careful thinking.”

That report follows author Sherry Jones’s agent Natasha Kern telling the NYT that Gibson Square “is planning to go ahead with the book, as are other publishers worldwide, despite this shocking attack.”

President of Beaufort Books Eric Kampmann indicates to the AP “that there were no immediate worries about safety” in the US and his company is proceeding with publication.”

I’m not liking the direction that all of this is taking – terrorism and censorship. The news about the terrorist attempt begs a chicken or egg question: did the terrorists get the idea to target the publisher of this controversial book from the NEWS reporting that terrorists might react negatively to it? Which came first? The speculation about terrorism or the idea on the part of the terrorists to terrorize?

Some speculation about Donna Tartt changing houses, via GalleyCat.

It feels wrong to speculate about terrorism and censorship in one breath and then talk about the more frivolous things I want to talk about, but I’m gonna do it anyway.

From Becks, a photograph of the world’s largest cupcake. That makes me happy.

In more sugar-related happiness news, I got to tour the Hubig’s Pies bakery today with a friend who works there. The private tour was complete with fresh (fresh!) off the press (?) apple pies and a beautiful mandatory hairnet. Too bad there’s no pictures of that – Emilie in a hairnet eating an apple Hubig’s pie. They don’t really advertise, but I bet they would’ve used that one and really moved some pies. LOL.

And to end on a not-frivolous, but still fun and touching note, read about Ruthie the Duck Lady.

(The nibbled to death by ducks comes from Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking, which I’m listening to in the car.)


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