Vote or shut yo’ mouth!

Becks just sent me this link. I especially love the campaign slogan, “Vota o quedate calla’o” — “Vote or keep your mouth shut.” I think we need our American version to be, “Vote or SHUT YO’ MOUTH!”

Today’s horoscope ( Thursday, Oct 9th, 2008 — Today you may get a glimpse of the intense times that lay ahead for you. This little “fast forward” can be instrumental as you try to figure out what you want to do next. But don’t try to make any important decisions yet, for you haven’t had sufficient time to explore the different paths. Instead, remain open to wherever you are led; you’ll have time later to make a more educated choice.

So sad and so true, 2008 is particularly bad (and that’s SAYING something!) for post-MFA graduates trying to find jobs. And I thought I had it rough last year. Well, I suppose I’m still technically a post-MFA looking for a job. Ish.

And in the MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER (E-V-A-H!), I just bought tickets to see The Magnetic Fields, one of my favorite bands if not THE favorite, in Atlanta next weekend. Whoooo hooooo!! Here’s a pretty cool video someone did of their song “Busby Berkeley Dreams”:

And another that Martin sent me that’s just cool (NOT Magnetic Fields):

And one I found that I really like:


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