Fess Up First

In lieu of Fess Up Friday, which I abandoned early last month in shame because I wasn’t generating new words, I’ll fess up to my pre-NaNoWriMo word count, which is about only about 1,167. Wasn’t working all that often, wasn’t counting much when I was because I wasn’t generating new words, but editing. So, toward that end, I’ll confess that I have about 186 edited and “done” pages of TCB. I’m roaring toward the halfway mark and the pieces are falling together.

Crazy proposition that it is, I’m doing a dual NaNoWriMo project. I’m going to work on a brand new fun project in order to fulfill the mandate of NaNoWriMo, though I may not “win” this year as my focus will be on using the in-built propulsion of NaNoWriMo to finish all of the new writing for TCB. The new, fun project will serve as a writing exercise to open up my writing pores and get me going so I can get into the new writing for TCB more easily. We’ll see how this goes, exactly how crazy it’ll prove to be.

For the new project, which I’m lazily calling “Ryan & Dana” at the moment, I wrote 1,154 words today. Those are the only words I’ll input into my NaNoWriMo word counter, but I’ll confess both here.


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