Fess Up Sunday

I guess I feel compelled to fess up again so soon because I’ve committed to not using my writing for TCB on NaNoWriMo. So I want to be accountable here, cause it’ll help me keep writing. Thanks be to Jamey, who sent me a link to Tayari Jones’ blog (so pretty and nice) where she named at least part of the process I’m doing – NaFinWriNoMo. Good to know there are others! Community is helpful to create pressure and propulsion and keep making progress. Good luck Tayari!

So, ahem:

D&R: 1,154 words so far (“official” NaNoWriMo word count)

TCB: 1,872 words last night.

I went from about 185 “done” pages to 202 “done” pages, in addition to that new writing. Let’s see if I can keep it up…

A cheer for everybody doing NaNoWriMo. Keep it up, you can do it!!!!


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