The Vote so far

So after frantically searching for both my voter registration card and my social security card (which I realized was “missing” while I was looking for the first), I discovered that I’m much more organized and rational than I expect myself to be (yeah, they were both in safe, obvious places) and went to bed.

Was a little later than I would’ve liked leaving the house for the poll. But once I got started, I was feeling good. Walking in brisk, but not cold breezes and happy-making but not sweltering sunshine, I ate a nectarine and was at my poll in less than five minutes. And sure enough, there in line is one of my favorite celebrities who make New Orleans home, chilling with his neighbors and waiting to vote. Gave him a big grin, glad he’s part of the neighborhood and got into line.

And not long after (really short wait), I voted in my private booth and walked out happy. I fulfilled my responsibility, exercised my right and communicated my choice. Yesterday, I was inundated by a lot of stress that Obama wouldn’t take the day and worried about less-than-happy citizens should he do so. I’ve never worried so much over an election (four years ago was close, but I had a pissy certainty of what was going to happen, despite our being a reasonably intelligent country) or a candidate. But today, I’m filled with joy that I did my part. I’m proud of M and N for campaigning the last two days and proud of everyone who’s voted already or will do so, especially YOUNG voters who are taking this very seriously and very personally, as they should.

As for the McCain-Palin truck that came driving through my neighborhood honking its horn and begging for attention and votes – we may lose Louisiana, much to my chagrin. But you don’t have me and you don’t have my neighborhood. That’s something.


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