College at 16??

Do you think you were ready for college at 16? Not sure how I feel about this. I was in the IB program in school, so I can see the advantages and disadvantages of accelerated education. I think the important thing would be some sort of opt-in and opt-out options for the students.

One of the links within the article is to a Times photoessay “If Teens Could Vote.” Here’s my favorite teen Aaron, 17, and his quote, “I want to conquer the fascist American regime.”

Have written 5,290 words this month so far. It’s a lot, but need more. 🙂



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3 responses to “College at 16??

  1. Liam

    Was I ready? Probably not… i was probalby more ready than some people…

  2. Rachel Marsh

    Hey. Just a note. In Britain where a student can leave school at 16 (with or without qualifications depending if they took their exams and the results of those exams) the government is asking, ‘Should we raise the leaving age to 18?’ Looks like the question of education in preparation for ‘the real world’ and what is best for young adults/teenagers will be a hard one to answer.

  3. Emilie

    Great points.

    Liam – I know what you mean. I think college may be like most things in life, you’re probably not ready till you do it, regardless.

    Rachel – That’s interesting. I think testing out of the last two years of high school and going onto school could definitely work for a lot of students who just ready to rock. But, as the article notes, a policy like this could widen the already large economic divide here and ultimately not actually end up representing the students’ interests appropriately.

    And allow me a little thrill. Yay! Y’all commented on the blog. Whoooo hooooo. 🙂

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