Further signs of the apocalpyse

Proposed New York library budget cuts. If anybody reads this, it’d be awesome if you’d sound off in the comments about why libraries rock. Why they’re essential for an educated, healthy society and should be elaborately and lavishly funded.

[11/17: Nothing? Really? No one wants to say a word in defense of public libraries? I know there’s been a bit of traffic here over the weekend…]



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2 responses to “Further signs of the apocalpyse

  1. Anonymous

    (thanks for allowing anonymous comments)

    From personal experience reasons libraries rock:

    -I didn’t have to buy an art textbook for a class at LSU; I just checked it out when I needed it

    -A Soup Named Stew has played numerous shows at Baton Rouge public libraries (download a free copy of the show at http://ASoupNamedStew.com–click Noise)

    -I have printed loads of flyers from the library (I don’t own a printer)


    -I use the library to check out movies and CDs (oh yeah, and I guess if I ever didn’t have three or four books to read for each grad class I could check out books too.)

    : )

    One thing that would rock–if our libraries had video games for checking out.



  2. Emilie

    (you’re welcome)

    Thanks anonymous person who’s interested in promoting the awesome band A Soup Named Stew whose new cd can also be bought at cdbaby.com (so cool, one of my favorite places), which just reinforces my love for both ASNS and cdbaby. I have no idea who you are, but I appreciate your (anonymous) comment.


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