Outlook good…

So today kicks of Words and Music, whooo hooooo and I’ve been lucky to meet Laura of The Three Ps of Post-MFA ’08, not to mention a gaggle of other writers/filmmakers with whom she’s associated, which is exciting AND NaNoWriMo is still on-going (so there’s still a breath of a chance that I might actually do 50,000 words). So much going on.

The funny thing about working for a writer (who also happens to be your friend and mentor) is that eventually (even if you try to avoid it) you end up talking about writing and she (the writer, your friend and mentor) ends up figuratively kicking your ass in a much-needed way. Thank Gawd for Toni. After the figurative kick in the pants, I drove home from Baton Rouge in UTTER silence (which I never do) and sometimes spoke my story out loud and realized about seven major things in the book that I needed to know. Example? The biggest one – I realized one of my favorite characters has died by the last third book and oddly, the character has been trying to tell me that he’s dead already for a while now by not appearing for the scenes I want him to be in. He just doesn’t show up. I have every intention for him to be in that scene and then he stays in his apartment and won’t play with the characters like I want him to. Whew.

So, I got home and went to pick up Chinese food at this place I like and it turned out I didn’t have an acceptable mode of payment with me. Since they’ve seen me in there before, they were kind enough to let me leave without paying, trusting that I’d call them with a credit card. I did, of course, but I love that kind of trust in this day in age. And I had two fortune cookies in my bag, so I opened both of them (of course) and amazingly, it was the SAME fortune (different luck numbers): “Use your abilities at this time to stay focused on your goal. You will succeed.”

All of my fortune cookies (and horoscopes) seem to be telling me the same thing – focus and you can finish this book by the end of the year.

So I had a great writing night that night and a pretty good one tonight. Hence:


I’m off to get pretty for dinner.


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