Christmas spaghetti

Invitations have officially gone out for the ONE party I throw every year, so now I’m getting excited. Only now, I have to start thinking seriously about cleaning the house.

You know, it’s great that Cheers has gotten so much busier and popular. Except, you know, that it’s not so great. It’s not the place where everybody knows your name anymore, because there are A LOT more people, strangers. Though, the people who do know your name have totally bonded over the experience, even setting up buddy systems for bequeathing tables to Cheers regulars when we leave. Gotta look out for each other, us Cheers regulars.

And, apparently, I really like Wilco. Huh. Who knew.



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2 responses to “Christmas spaghetti

  1. Mary

    Thanks for the invite! I may be going out of town to visit my newly pregnant best friend from as far back as middle school in Dallas – we’re not sure yet about the date, but that’s one of the weekends in question – but if I’m not, I will be there! I hope the dates don’t coincide!

  2. Mary

    Oh and P.S. Wilco is AWESOME.

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