I woke up this morning to several people texting me about snow in Nola. One said (after the excited expletives): “It’s snowing in New Orleans. Next up: Zombie Apocalypse.” Another, simply “Snow!” Have I ever said how much I love snow? I ran downstairs in my pjs, ridiculously underdressed, to gaze in stupefied joy at at the rather skimpy but still glorious covering of snow on the cars, trees and neutral ground in front of my house. W., my neighbor, came out, shivered and said glumly, “I just hope next year’s hurricane season isn’t awful. We had snow the Christmas before Katrina.” And a side affect of snow in Nola: sirens. People just do not know how to deal with driving on icy streets here, unfortunately. By the time I saw it, icy rain was beginning to disintegrate the snow on my car and the ground. But the fact of the matter, beyond all that, is that it SNOWED IN NEW ORLEANS TODAY and that makes me ridiculously happy. It finally feels like the Christmas season to me.

With that in mind, check out this video by Krista Detor that Dave sent me today. I fell in instant love. It’s not the actual video Dave sent, but one I found after watching the one he sent.

For the first time in a long time, I heard something last night that made me want to pray. I am not a religious person, but am still rather spiritual. And I heard a story that made me, not exactly pray, but wish fervently for something, for someone’s health, for the happiness and security of their family. It feels like a gift, the snow and the ability to want something ephemeral so badly for someone I’ve never met.

Here are some pictures of the snow (thanks to Jamey for making it possible for me to get them where I wanted in this post):


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