The Curious Case…

The other evening, I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which I enjoyed a lot. Somehow, in everything I read about the movie (and one of my friends from FD4 worked on it), I never found out that Katrina features in it. That’s not necessarily a spoiler. But I will say, the way Katrina happened in Benjamin Button is similar to how I want it to take place in my book. I was fascinated by the locations of the movie and was pretty convinced that Queenie’s retirement house was (at least in part) the “wedding cake house” on St. Charles. Well, I went and read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story and yes, they’re nothing alike. Nothing. They pretty much just have a title in common. I prefer the movie, but then I’ve never been a big F. Scott fan, so I may be prejudiced. It is fascinating to me how a roughly 20-page short story written at the beginning of one century can be the genesis of a film so evocative of the beginning of the next century. Check this out if you want to read a discussion of the short story and movie.

From wordsmith’s word of the day today: “There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad.” –Salvador Dali [Word of the Day]

And to recycle some stuff from Christmas Eve that I never posted:

My horoscope ( Your imagination cannot be contained by traditional rituals and safe family activities. No matter what’s happening on the surface, you have a metaphysical ticket to ride as the Moon moves through your 12th House of Spirituality. Make a commitment to be present for holiday festivities, while also keeping an eye on your inner journey.

Adem’s 208 best songs of 2008 was my Christmas present to myself. It helped me discover some bands I’d never even heard of. Check it out, it has links to the songs on YouTube, MySpace, etc. Here’s some music I’ve been liking (from the list and also recommended when I watched the links).

Crying Blood, VV Brown (Adem’s #1, not as scary as it sounds, really fun and up-tempo)

No Can Do, Sugababes

A hysterical parody of Britney’s Womanizer.

A bit scattered, but hope you enjoy.


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