I kinda dig this birthday thing

So, right on time, I’ve only fully accepted that it’s a new year when my birthday rolled around. Got back to work this week, right in the thick of things, motoring ahead on the book, dealing with some personal loss and pretty much all the life you can jam-pack into the first seven days of the new year.

But this is how Emilie does her birthday 2009 style:

-Wake up late (ignoring several early-morning well-meaning calls, including the first at 5:45 a.m.)
-Have breakfast at Sucre at 11:30 and breakfast means cake and champagne, just for the record
-Swing by Cheers for some coffee, then pick up your birthday present at the post office
-Enjoy a steak lunch at O’Henry’s while catching up with Jamey
-Get your second tattoo, show it off the remainder of the day, especially back at Cheers
-Answer all the birthday calls (and return the ones you ignored) and emails throughout the day, including several in which singing is involved.
-Finish the Next Great American Novel.


Also, this video is pretty freakin’ awesome:



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3 responses to “I kinda dig this birthday thing

  1. Mary

    Mmmm cake and champagne for breakfast. Sounds FABULOUS!

  2. Mary

    OH YEAH AND –OF COURSE– HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Although it sounds like you know, better than me, how to do it up right!!!

    Oh and I noticed you didn’t mention HOW OLD you are. Keep that up. It will come in handy on the year you turn thirty (which I will admit even on a public forum, for me has tragically already passed…)

  3. Emilie

    Cake and champagne WAS fabulous! I’m gonna do it again, whenever I want to have a good day. BUT, I will certainly plan a great lunch for afterwards because it’s tough just having sugar and bubbly on the stomach.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m still learning the “how to treat yourself” secrets, but having Jamey around to encourage one always helps.

    It’s funny. Thirty is the year I fully expect to dread for all the stereotypical reasons, but for some mysterious reason, I dreaded this birthday sooo much in the week, days before it. So I made doubly sure I had an awesome day.

    Becky worked hard to make sure I had a lot of fun for my entire birth week (which technically goes till tomorrow), as did Melanie (who’s a new Nola-ite), my parents and all my friends – seriously I had a jam-packed Facebook page that day. LOL.

    Thanks for your comments. It’s so mysterious who reads this blog, but it’s nice to know you’re keeping an eye on it.

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