What a wonderful experiment…

After hearing part of “Unbelievable” by the Sleepy Rebels on that JC Penney commercial and getting it stuck in my head, I moseyed on over to my lovely cdbaby.com to purchase it.

Where, oh my, they are having a sale. From their website:

“Buy 3 of these, and they become $5 each. All of these 20,000 albums sell for full price if you buy them alone. But once you have at least three different “$5 specials” in your shopping cart at the same time, you will see their price drop to just $5 each. We did this so you could afford to experiment. Have fun! Get as many as you can!”

I love their mentality – we did this so you could afford to experiment. And in that spirit, though my personal times are tough, I bought four albums from artists I’ve never heard before. All based on the “recommended if you like”s that cdbaby puts under each c.d. Foolish? Perhaps. We’ll see. I’ll blog about what I think after I’ve listened to them.

Here are the c.d.s I picked:
Aquaboy The World Still Turns Without You
Derek Buckner Symptoms
Sarah Burton Love Is For Pussies
Tiffany Randol Kiss Me Kiss Me


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