Film snob?

Last weekend, I was accused of being a film snob because I have (very legitimate) complaints against Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

It came on t.v. while I was at a friend’s house visiting and her husband insisted that as an Indy fan, I should just appreciate the movie rather than pick apart its (many) faults.

I studied film, so this isn’t a new thing. My defense against accusations of snobbery is always – Dude folks, I own and enjoy Crossroads. And I make people watch it when they come to my house.

Accordingly, I am super excited about Fast & Furious. Seriously. The fact that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker and the uber talented Michelle Rodriguez are back – “New model. Original parts” – makes me a happy, happy girl.

And then there’s the fact that I may actually watch the Hannah Montana movie. Willingly. Even…maybe…happily.

I think I have successfully acquitted myself on all counts of snobbery here. Just remember, not everybody can be this refreshingly honest.



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3 responses to “Film snob?

  1. McCare

    LOL! The funny thig is that I actually commented on the whole “lead refrigerator” thing the very first time I watched it. He’s only into those movies just for the explosions- just like most guys.

  2. Emilie

    I kinda see his point to a degree – I really, really wanted to like Crystal Skull. The best of Indy is incredibly cheesy. And all of the ingredients for a great movie were there, which is part of what made me nervous.

    The moment when you first saw Indy was terrifying for me. Old Indy! They didn’t have to make it an overtly serious movie by any means, but there is so much nostalgic resonance in seeing one of the great icons of your childhood and youth as an old man. And while no one could doubt that Indy’s still unique and fascinating, the opportunity to show him overcoming his essential vulnerability, adjusting to it, was completely wasted with that damn nuclear bomb. You do not “demonstrate the era” with a nuclear bomb. It was too big, too irreverent and it ruined the whole movie. I was too numb to even really take in how dumb the aliens were.

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