Sunday is often my catching up with tv day (after volleyball). And that’s what I did.

I’ve become rabid about two new shows – Dollhouse and Castle. Just found this article about the campaign to save Dollhouse that started before the show ever aired. Let’s just say us Whedonites are nervous nellies (justifiably, I think).

Basically, my thoughts echo the title of this discussion thread: Fox – Don’t You Dare Cancel Dollhouse. But ABC, you consider yourselves similarly addressed regarding Castle.

I’ll burn a cd of my favorite music for the person who can best describe the link between Dollhouse and Castle (and the constant fear of their cancellation) to my amusement and satisfaction.


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One response to “Rabid

  1. gamblorprime

    I have been really enjoying Castle but I have not seen past the first and third episodes of Dollhouse. It has not grabbed me like I was hoping it would (or like his other shows have) There is promise so the DVR is still set up!

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