Loose Marbles

Montana‘s not even two hours in the city and she gets to see something I’ve been waiting almost two years to see. 🙂

Driving around the Quarter randomly, we saw The Loose Marbles playing and are lucky enough to find a spot that while probably not technically legal was legal-enough-looking that we could leave it there for 10 minutes to watch the show.

Not the best pictures, but here’s an idea. You can’t really see what the crowd was like, but there were lots of people who’d just stopped to see what was going on. At one point, two mounted police went by and (I kid you not, Montana can back me up on this), the horses danced to the music as they went up Royal.

I’ve seen The Loose Marbles (in one configuration or another) playing at two different places, but have never been lucky enough before to catch one of their street shows. They played “When I Get Low I Get High” at my request, though I suspect they would’a played it anyway…


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