Cool news, not ‘fessing

Two of my favorite writers (and people) have upcoming books.

First: Toni McGee Causey‘s first two Bobbie Faye books are being renamed and re-released this month. The first, called Charmed and Dangerous now, is out tomorrow, but I can tell you now that it’s on shelves in at least one Wal-Mart already. They can also be found at Target, your local bookstores and online retailers. Toni’s books are some of the funniest I’ve ever read, really suspenseful and action-packed. It won’t be too long, I’m confident, before they’re made into movies, cause they’re really visual. If you hit the first link, her website, you can read the first chapter. The second in the series, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns, is coming June 30th. And the third book, When a Man Loves a Weapon, which hasn’t been released yet (and which ROCKS!), will be published August 4th. I can’t recommend this series enough.

Next: Clarence Nero’s new book, Too Much of a Good Thing Ain’t Bad, the sequel to Three Sides to Every Story, is out June 23rd. His books are racy and engrossing, it’s impossible not to invest in what’s going on, just like the best gossip.

I came back from BR today with a lot of books to read for fun and these books are at the top of the list to re-read and enjoy.

Also, for those of you asking, “What’s next?” now that my book’s done, have no fear. Before I’d even finished, I was excited to return to a long-form essay about the 10 years it took from the moment my father said, “We’re moving to New Orleans” for me to actually get to New Orleans. If you want to know how that’s possible, well, you’ll just have to read it. Which means I’ll have to finish writing it and find someone to publish a long-form essay in this economy. LOL.

P.S. The New Moon Trailer made me soooooo happy. Check it out and watch is several times as I did. The first half is kinda slow and awkward, but the second half (and Jacob’s exploding jeans) makes it so worth it. Did I ever officially come out as Team Jacob? Well, think I just did folks.


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