One week later

So I finished my “quick edit” on the book a week ago, after finishing it and not looking at it for 24 hours. I’m making myself not read it for a least two weeks so that I can do another read-through and edit relatively fresh-minded. And you know what? It’s actually pretty hard. I haven’t so much wanted to tinker with it as read it. I want to read my own book! I hope that’s not another indication of delusion. 🙂

In the vein of not thinking about it, I have been reading a lot, watching SYTYCD, having dinner with my Papa Bear and friends and spending way too much time on Facebook. I haven’t worked any on the essay that I wanted to go back to, not yet. So basically, I’ve been giving my creative juices a big ol’ break.

Speaking of SYTYCD, I’ve been enjoying it immensely (and will even more next week, when the Top 20 are paired up), but I’m very, very angry about one thing. Why did Natalie get cut without even a chance to dance for her life? She’d done everything right up till that point, had even been asked to demonstrate (with Brandon) the dance she got cut on. What’s with that? I smell some sort of conspiracy or cover up, but haven’t been able to find anything online, just other people really upset and angry over it. Did she get offered a contract at the last minute and rather than explain that she had, they cut her? I don’t understand. Were they being accused of favoritism because she’s Katee’s former roommate? They’ve been really hard on favorites who tried out and almost made it in other seasons, but why cut her? She didn’t dance the routine that badly, and even if she had, it was her first mistake (televised anyway). I guess that’s enough rumination there.

Some great stuff:

Video of Toni Morrison talking about post-Obama writing.

Awesome journal, One Story.

I’m like the last person to discover Texts from Last Night. Kinda painful. And glorious.



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6 responses to “One week later

  1. Mary


  2. Emilie

    Lol. My dad. I call my mom Mamma Mia! on here.

  3. Mary

    Yeah I knew about Mamma Mia but not about Papa Bear. Sometimes David has me call him "Big Papa" (as in, the rap song, "I like it when you call me Big Papa," so I thought it might be a guy…)

  4. Emilie

    Did you just admit in a public forum that your husband asks you to call him Big Papa? ;")

    And my Papa Bear *is* a guy, just not that kind of guy. He's the best guy (Father's Day *is* coming up soon…). Lol.

  5. Mary

    Um, yes, I think I did.
    Nooooo, I can see how you might think that, but if it was *that* kind of request, I wouldn't have admitted it here! He just likes to quote that song. And sometimes I oblige him. In a perfectly decorous, appropriate, and non-embarrassing way. 😀

  6. Emilie

    I'm not sure there's a non-embarrassing aspect of any of what you just said. ;") But it's all very, very cute. I wonder what he'd say if I called him Big Papa next time I see him?

    Weren't we going to get together this summer? I was remembering that from earlier…

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