Nick Fox and Slam NOLA

Slam NOLA FlyerFor all of you who have considered that my delightfully low-tech guest blogger, Nick Fox, is an alter ego I’ve invented, you can meet him tomorrow night at Dragon’s Den at Slam NOLA, the series he started up again.

And since I’ve given you the opening of one of his email newsletters, let me give you the end of the latest:


That’s where I am now. The trip is a flash and I’m sitting here, preparing to go to work, scared I won’t be able to pick up where I left off when I began my trip. I’m not writing every day right now, which I think is the key to my anxiety. So I’ll hope this is the start of getting back to writing. It’s nice I had a break after finishing the book, but the break is over. Back to work.

For now, life continues as it did before I took off. I work with mules. I work outside. I play the guitar and I’m still trying to trim the excesses off my life and make it as lean and aerodynamic as I can. Before I left, and even while I was traveling, I was able to think of writing as my full-time job and anything else I did was simply what I did to make money in the meantime. That’s a place I need to get back to.

One last thing…

On Sunday night I had a great moment. I was in Jimbeaux’s on Frenchman, which was formerly The Spotted Cat, listening to Pat Casey and the New Sound. I moved into a corner by the bar just as they launched into Herbie Hancock’s “And What If I Don’t.” The piece started strong and kept lifting. Up-tempo and full on swing. And then Julian, the drummer, who might be my favorite drummer in town, went into his solo, banging the cymbals and letting the screws he’d tied to them rattle for added effect, sliding his elbows across the drums, pounding in rapid fire and pulling back and shifting tempo so deftly, getting the crowd so worked up that soon several people were shouting “Go!” and “Come on!” By the time the group crashed through the end of the piece, people looked like they’d just had a religious experience. Which they had.

I live in a place where these things happen. I cannot forget this.

I hope all of you are well. I’ll give you more updates further down the road.

And congratulations to all my friends who recently graduated from Warren Wilson. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there. I’ll say something a little more personal in the soontime.

Right? Right.

All the good songs,



Friends! Comrades! Explosive news!

We have just received confirmation that the feature at tomorrow night’s New Orleans Poetry Slam will be Debauche, the Russian Mafia Band!

Come hear Yegor Romantsov, Count Eli, and Scott Potts’ beard perform extremely sad songs about Russian orphans, Ukranian weddings, pretzel sellers and vodka. This is a show you don’t want to miss, because if you miss it, the band will kill you.

Russian hooligans! Enormous poets! Vodka!

We’ll see you tomorrow night at the Dragon’s Den!]


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