Hubig’s in Gambit

Just read the cover story in the newest Gambit, which is on the survival of Hubig’s Pies, despite (or because of?) their insistence on doing things as they always have, for over 80 years. I was lucky enough to visit the factory in the Marigny several times and was once given an informal tour. Reading Katie van Syckle’s story evoked the place and process pretty well. When she says “The atmosphere on the factory floor is light and jovial as employees joke with each other and their manager” (pg 24), that’s actually been true of my experiences visiting, too. 🙂

But the pies themselves? Just sinfully good. They’re so rich, I usually can’t finish one myself (though they’re not full-size pies, never fear), so they’re a great thing to share. I remember, at a football party, eating warmed up sections of the pies and that was really yummy, to try lots of different flavors. I like peach and apple a lot, and chocolate’s really good too.

If you don’t live in New Orleans, you can order Hubig’s. A little bite of fattening, glorious New Orleans straight to your door. 🙂

[I’ll link to the story online, when and if I can find it on the Gambit website.]


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