Lost in NaNoWriMo

The second that NaNoWriMo kicks off every year, all hell breaks loose. My computer has gone to the doctor several times in just a few days. Then, I got sick and went to the doctor. And I can’t even blame my sister and her sick kid, since they live no where near me. 🙂

But we are both  moving forward, as best we can.

An update: I have achieved 13,285 words. I should be more around the arena of 16,670 by the end of today, but considering all that’s happened, I don’t feel so far behind. We’ll see how much I can catch up. One day, I was able to do almost 5,000 words! If I could only do that today, it’d put me ahead…

So, this amounts to my most significant communication with the outside world lately. In parting, I have this to say. To those not doing NaNoWriMo – I’m sorry I continuously forget to say National Novel Writing Month and make you feel left out, but you should be writing a novel in a month and then you’d be one of the cool kids spouting “NaNo” deliriously left and right. To those NaNos out there, both strangers and friends, YOU CAN DO IT! Just 100 more words, then 100 more and then after that, only 100 more…

Ronlyn has a new essay up at The Nervous Breakdown. It’s the one that she read at the LSU MFA reading back in September and after reading it again, I feel even more strongly that this essay is terrifying and inspiring, consoling and funny. It’s an incredibly brave and honest essay. Check it out.


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