Bragging on some friends – abstinence and animation

Here are some friends you haven’t heard of yet (from me), but whom both had some great news recently. You have to check this out.

My dear friend Montana Miller, who I met while researching my novel several years ago, is a circus performer and pop culture professor. She just published an article in the journal Practical Matters called “Teenagers, Purity Rings, and Rites of (Blocked) Passage.” According to the last line of her abstract, Montana’s essay examines “the public performance, the expectations of adults, and the diverse personal meanings that teenagers articulate about sexual abstinence.”

Here’s a fun video she did for her classroom a while back.

And speaking of videos, here’s some awesome animation from Thomas Moran, who is, little known fact, the one who first got me blogging. He is also, much more known fact, a phenomenally creative person. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to get his Facebook video to embed here. It’s a great animated video about a great battle on the chessboard, so go check it out.



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