One last brag before the year ends…

Good news all around.

For those of you who tune in for Nick’s updates, he texted me a few days before Christmas to let me know he’d finished the second draft of his novel. No official update newsletter on that yet, but check back. Here’s a picture that further indicates we are not the same person (though that’s been made abundantly clear before, crazy people), from my annual Christmas party.

Aimee (aka, my sister) and I are talking about writing together again. It’s super early days yet, but that’s exciting. I got to see her and her son on my Christmas journeys to Georgia and back. We continue to work on our NaNo novels.

Jamey has a short story called Nighttime that *just* went up at Torch. Check it out! It’s not work from her novel, but taunting, tasty proof that the lady can write anything she pleases, even something as difficult (for me) as a short story.

And my review of Barb’s book, More of This World or Maybe Another has posted early on the 225 website. I’m lucky to have an excellent editor in Jeff – it’s been wonderful writing for 225 this year. And I was doubly lucky to have enormously easy material to write about in Barb’s book. I’d been talking about it non-stop since I’d read it, so I already had plenty of say. Just had to figure out how to say it. Hope you enjoy the review and Barb’s book when you read it (cause you will and you will enjoy it).

Check back tomorrow for my Best of 2009 lists.


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