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Novel updates

If you’re curious how the book is coming, I’ll post some of my recent Facebook status updates here for your perusal. They kinda say it all.

January 13 11:24 a.m. Emilie is up and at it.

January 13 3:15 p.m. Emilie is starting to wonder what book she’s been writing all these years as she realizes that all her favorite parts of THAT book don’t belong anywhere in THIS book.

January 14 6:25 p.m. Jamey fixed my novel today. Seems so obvious in hindsight. I only have to re-write half of it, after all. Finally, this is starting to make sense. Thanks, Jamey.

January 16 1:28 p.m. Emilie is hoping for, as a belated birthday present, a major Saints win.

Okay, so that’s not exactly relevant to my novel, but I do live in New Orleans, keep in mind.

January 17 12:16 p.m. Emilie is trying to figure out what to do with her day. How’s about this…I could go write…

Today 5 hours ago Emilie is at Cheers, ready to work.

Today 1 hour ago Emilie has been making progress today. Greedily, she wants more progress, faster.

Today 13 minutes ago AHA! Again.


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My friends are flash mob stars!!

Becks was tres mysterious about her reasons for missing my birthday extravaganza (the one that ended up getting postponed) on the 8th. She came down beforehand and spent time with me, but was going to be “busy” on the 8th.

Now we know why!!

Check out this video of the Laurel Street Flash Mob that took place on January 8th in Baton Rouge and you will see images of Becks and our friend Torlief, a Baton Rouge karaoke celebrity. This is just a plain catchy, exuberant, wonderful clip. Becks says that there was about 300 people involved. I’d probably watch this over and over and over again even if I didn’t have two friends in it.

The guy in white dancing on his own at the beginning is Leonard Augustus, the choreographer, fyi. Here’s the write up from the video’s page: “Leonard Augustus choreographed and led the Laurel Street Lollapalooza Flash Mob. LSL is the annual fundraising event for The Arts Council of Baton Rouge.” So he’s pretty incredible.

Becks is the brunette girl in the lime green sweater (not to be confused with the girls in a lime green coat and lime green gloves, respectively) and pink-red-orange scarf. She is best identified at about 1:55 of the video. There are three girls in lime and she is the one on the far right, leading the parade (or at least, that’s how it looks to moi). After that, you can see her a lot in the video cause you’ll know who you’re looking for.

Torlief was harder to find (should I call you Waldo, Torlief?). Best I can tell, the first place you can see him is 2:54. He’s the tall, bald, black dude in a white sweater who’s slightly to Becks’s right on the screen. Actually, once you know where he is, you can really check him shaking it at about 3:03 and on. You have no idea how many times I *had* to watch this video to find you, Torlief!

Enjoy!! If you’re like me, you’re gonna be watching this over and over and over again…

LOVE IT! Brilliant! This is definitely a bragging on post…


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The (re)birth(day) (2010) post

My birthday caps the first week of every new year and though it’s incredibly self-absorbed of me, I never truly feel like I’ve begun a new year till I’ve survived, ahem, celebrated another birthday. Life just doesn’t begin to settle from the insane rush of ChristmasNewYearbirthday till after the 7th has transmuted itself into the 8th.

It was a hard birthday this year, for many reasons both incredibly personal and larger than me. Wondering why The Book isn’t finished yet, already, though I’ve written it twice since 2004.  Among other things.

I have two tattoos. I’ve gotten both on odd number birthdays and they both relate to finding balance in my life and my psyche. I needed a third this year, but because of financial issues and my own Rules of Tattoo (perhaps I will illuminate these at a later date), I decided to hold off till next year. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t receive some amazing birthday gifts this year:

– a photo album, lunch at Slice (yum) and Just 10 Minutes (Becks, who knows I’m trying to cook more this year)
– a Ganesh statue for my writing desk (from Rachel, who knows I have obstacles to be removed, xoxoxo)
– his old leather coat and some serious day-of-birthday sympathy and consoling (from Papa Bear)
– a classic Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey circus poster (Grandma, from her basement!) framed (Mamma Mia!)
– a hard core phone session (with Sis), as well as shop talk (which I’m increasingly grateful we’re doing again)
– lip gloss, hand cream, lunch at Juan’s (yum) and Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want (Jamey, Guru Extraordinaire)
– cupcakes, company and Jennifer’s Body (S.)
– a birthday steak and daiquiri to end the day on a great note and the oh-so-rare pleasure of his company off our front porch (W., xoxoxo and besos)
– scores of well wishes and mini reunions throughout the day via Facebook and text and phone calls

The day after my birthday, my scheduled debauch/celebration was necessarily postponed because I got called in for a movie. Ended up working on set again the next night. It was definitely great to work again, to catch up with old friends from FD4, but it sucked to miss out drunken tomfoolery with other friends. I’m sure it’ll be great when it does happen (hope it’s soon!).

And now it’s back to work on the novel. The anguish and agony have helped me realize one very important thing. Or remember it. I have about 75% of the life I want. I am writing. Sure, I’d like more stability, a home I can really make my own, one with a guest room (my new icon of successful adulthood), a husband and children, a dog (and the lifestyle to support one). I’d like to travel more, take better care of myself, wear better clothes, spoil my friends and family, etc. But I’m writing. If not everyday, pretty dern close.

I am writing. In New Orleans. The equation looks like this:

Writing + Nola = 75% of Emilie’s Ideal Life

When you look at it like that, all mathematically, I have an abundance to be thankful for.

You know I never like to leave you without some presents. So here you go:

Resolved: Writing is a job. (from me via Jamey via Ann Patchett)

Strange Sleep of the Six-Legged (Ronlyn’s uber-zen newest on The Nervous Breakdown)

Respecting the Writer That Was (Stephanie’s started blogging! And the first post is astounding)

Lhasa de Sela died, unfortunately, but she left behind gorgeous music, like the song below.

I love Angus & Julia Stone, so I could watch these videos all day:


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