My friends are flash mob stars!!

Becks was tres mysterious about her reasons for missing my birthday extravaganza (the one that ended up getting postponed) on the 8th. She came down beforehand and spent time with me, but was going to be “busy” on the 8th.

Now we know why!!

Check out this video of the Laurel Street Flash Mob that took place on January 8th in Baton Rouge and you will see images of Becks and our friend Torlief, a Baton Rouge karaoke celebrity. This is just a plain catchy, exuberant, wonderful clip. Becks says that there was about 300 people involved. I’d probably watch this over and over and over again even if I didn’t have two friends in it.

The guy in white dancing on his own at the beginning is Leonard Augustus, the choreographer, fyi. Here’s the write up from the video’s page: “Leonard Augustus choreographed and led the Laurel Street Lollapalooza Flash Mob. LSL is the annual fundraising event for The Arts Council of Baton Rouge.” So he’s pretty incredible.

Becks is the brunette girl in the lime green sweater (not to be confused with the girls in a lime green coat and lime green gloves, respectively) and pink-red-orange scarf. She is best identified at about 1:55 of the video. There are three girls in lime and she is the one on the far right, leading the parade (or at least, that’s how it looks to moi). After that, you can see her a lot in the video cause you’ll know who you’re looking for.

Torlief was harder to find (should I call you Waldo, Torlief?). Best I can tell, the first place you can see him is 2:54. He’s the tall, bald, black dude in a white sweater who’s slightly to Becks’s right on the screen. Actually, once you know where he is, you can really check him shaking it at about 3:03 and on. You have no idea how many times I *had* to watch this video to find you, Torlief!

Enjoy!! If you’re like me, you’re gonna be watching this over and over and over again…

LOVE IT! Brilliant! This is definitely a bragging on post…



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2 responses to “My friends are flash mob stars!!

  1. Good fun


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