Fess Up Friday (the quick edition)

While there are still two more days of February left, I thought I would take this opportunity to do a quick Fess Up Friday and give you the status of the book, as far as I understand it.

In February so far, I have written 8,395 new words and have reached page 145 of the 3rd draft, which is a little ways into Part Two, a little more than third of the way through. Most of the new words are for Part Two and Three, to be woven in with previous scenes from the 2nd draft.

I’m aiming to be done by Easter, which is April 4th, just to give myself another crazy-but-potentially-doable deadline.

Some presents:

I never bragged on my friend Helen Gillet, who is OffBeat’s cover girl.

One of Rachel’s stories is online in audio.

A man watched 30 chick flicks in 30 days to be a better boyfriend.

A great article about the potential future of healthcare-concierge medicine.

A sweet review of one of my favorite movies, The Cutting Edge.

Lipdubbing – check out the last video.

Fun airplane safety cards (make sure to check out the images at the end).

Message in a SIM card – this is a really cool story about a couple’s anniversary pics being returned after being lost at sea for nearly two years.

Wusbands and hifes.

Girl Scout cookie facts (and recipe!)

Enjoy your weekend!


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