Fess Up Friday – the Saturday edition

This Fess Up Friday is also my “getting back to business” edition.

It’s been a strange week.

While the new word count on The Book is probably less than 1,000 for the week, I’m up to page 163 on the latest draft. So, it’s chugging along. But despite all this progress, my week has held significant distractions. Some pleasant, some not.

Peauxdunque (my writer’s group) had an informal lunch at Green Goddess to celebrate Sabrina’s birthday. I’ve rarely felt so relaxed and yet inspired as I do with these people, which is probably just what one needs from a writing group. I spent most of that day running errands, so did not get any work done on The Book.

And then there was the offBeat Magazine debacle, which sucked up a large part of my Thursday and Friday, in responding, discussing and just plain shaking. How to describe what about 36 hours of solid anger and frustration feels like in my body? Well, there were more emotions pinging around in there than even I realized. Still are, but I’m lucky and happy to be back in a place where I can work despite them, at least.

So while do not in any way intend to back down from my opposition to the cover and the aftermath reaction displayed by offBeat‘s editor, Jan Ramsey, I’m glad to get back to my work. While I’m gratified to see that people are reading and responding to the three posts I’ve written about offBeat‘s cover and their editor’s behavior, I’m just as gratified to see that the post generating the most traffic on my blog is the same one that’s been generating the most traffic since October. I would like to see a constructive resolution to the entire scenario and hope the magazine endeavors to find one that demonstrates respect for their audience.

Meanwhile, Maurice told me I had to read The Time Traveler’s Wife and I’m enjoying it far more than I expected. Especially since I didn’t think I had time to enjoy a 500+ page book right now. I look forward to celebrating the success of my friends, so look for a bragging on post very soon.


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