Between a book and a hard place

I have to confess, I’m not responsible for the titles of my 225 pieces, but I really wish I could claim credit for the title of the newest one. I love the title “Between a book and a hard place,” for my most elaborate 225 piece yet. It started out as a book review of The Dictionary of Louisiana French, which quickly became something more after my initial round of interviews.

I’ve said several times how much I enjoy writing for 225, but I can’t thank them enough for listening–and agreeing!!–when I arrived in person at their office and said, “There’s a bigger story here.”  Their response was all I could have hoped for–positive and embracing, even if they kept me at the same extremely tight deadline. 🙂 I’m very proud of this piece and to be a part of the magazine.

I’m also extremely grateful to each and every person who spoke with me, including and especially those who gave me background information but weren’t mentioned in the piece. Thank you: Amanda LaFleur-Giambrone, Adelaide Russo, Greg Stone, Tania Nyman, Sharon Andrews, Clint Kimberling (at University Press of Mississippi), Herman Fuselier (of B&N Lafayette), Anna Nardo, Rick Blackwood and Aaron Emmitte. And David Gallent, the photographer!

LSU and the state of Louisiana stands to lose a lot of valuable, creative and inspirational people and programs if we don’t take a stand on these budget cuts!


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