Random Treme Post

I’ve managed to see every episode of Treme so far, remarkable since I don’t have HBO. Episode one was at a friend’s house and the last two weeks have been with friends at a local bar. It seems most everybody in this city has some connection to the show.

My connections? My former teacher, writer Rodger Kamenetz, had a cameo in the second episode, “checking into hotel with Steve Zahn about ten secs.” And another friend is working on the show.

Was recently reading Back of Town and saw this great making of video. Near the end, there’s a great quote from David Simon: “This city really does matter to America, even if America doesn’t get it.”

Check it out:

Here’s an interesting article about how uncomfortable filming can be in neighborhoods.



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3 responses to “Random Treme Post

  1. I am enjoying the show. There was someone giving the definitions and breakdown of each episode. Thank you so much.

    • emofalltrades

      Hi Shelley:

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the show. As for definitions and breakdowns – this may be what you mean. It’s Dave Walker from The Times-Picayune and he’s really good. I can understand how bewildering the show could be if you don’t know much about Nola. I hope it makes you love the city, cause it’s a fantastic, fabulous, wild place.

      I’ve also been reading this blog, which is contributed to by locals: Back of Town.

      Enjoy, no matter what!

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